Friday, March 25, 2011

Play Me, I'm Yours

Can't think of what to do in Adelaide on the weekend? Every Friday we'll provide you with a "Friday Fantastic" idea!

This weekend, it's time to play, literally.

You may have noticed the odd scattering of pianos around town.  Wondered what is going on?

Thought it was leftovers from the recent fringe?  Perhaps they could've fallen off the back of one of their trucks!

Well, not quite.  Have a look at the Play Me, I'm Yours site.

The pianos come from the imaginative mind of British artist, Luke Jerram.  Here is one of them on North Tce in front of the Art Gallery. Luke has taken this idea around the world and brought it here in South Australia as part of the Come Out Festival which is running 25th of March to 1st of April.

The idea is to celebrate art in two different methods, both visually and musically.  They are to connect people together through art and music, connecting friends, family and strangers on the street.

More than 30 pianos will be delivered to the Adelaide streets, metro areas and some regional communities.  Each piano is adorned with "Play me, I'm Yours".

So, what we thought you can do this weekend is to find as many of these pianos as you can and take a picture with it.  Send it in via twitter or and we'll upload the best ones.

Don't forget, when you find a piano, you've got to bash out a few tunes too.  Don't be scared to tinkle the whites, that's what they are there for!

So go on!  Get out there!  See how many you can find!!  Have a great weekend!

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  1. What a fantastic idea! First time on your blog and it sure is interesting!

  2. I have only been to Adelaide once, so many years ago and I don't remember the city at all! Having pianos around the streets should make for some fun adventures.
    Thanks for dropping by my place, Del

  3. Hi - just popped over to say hello, and follow your blog. Will check again!