Thursday, April 7, 2011

Soccer in Adelaide

This photo is amazing.  It was taken by Matthew Reid on 8th of October 2008 at Hindmarsh Stadium, coincidently in Hindmarsh.

It is an AFC Champions League match between Adelaide United and PFC Kuruvchi. Adelaide won 3-0, nice! What a fantastic photograph.

Soccer in Australia is growing in popularity fast.  So much that we are certain to receive annoyed soccer fans leaving comments saying "It's called Football, not Soccer".

But recently in the news, it seems that Football/Soccer is set to return to the Adelaide Oval.  Now, we're not talking about A-League, we are talking about the Socceroos returning to Adelaide, an event that hasn't occurred for over 50 years.

Apparently, the last time the Australian National side was at the Oval was in 1958 against England's Blackpool.

Adelaide looks set to hold a friendly in June this year against Serbia.  Nothing has been set in stone just yet, but Melbourne is out of the picture with clashes of games with other football codes.

This is going to be fantastic.  If you live in Adelaide, mark yourself as busy in June so you don't miss this opportunity to see a rare event.

We think it's going to be great, playing Soccer at one of the world's most beautiful sporting stadiums.

Hindmarsh Stadium is still always going to be the home of Soccer/Football in Adelaide.  But we still cannot wait to see this great game make its way back to the Oval after such a long time.

Are you excited? Would you go? Do you call it Soccer or Football? We're interested to hear your comments.

Photo shown here is available for purchase via Matthew Reid's redbubble portfolio

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  1. It's called Football, not Soccer!
    Awesome photo too BTW.

  2. What a great photo...the figures seem to pop out of the photo while it's setting is an impressive landscape of field and audience. I don't even watch sports and I would go if given the chance! Seems like a fun time!

  3. Yeh, having been to the stadium on several occasions, even though the sun can blare at times, when it finally sets you spend too much time watching the sunset than the game...

    - tork

  4. In the States, it is called Football. I'm not sure by the photo if the participants are wearing a helmet or not. Doesn't look like it. Over here, helmets and pads are worn. No doubt need to for as rough as it gets during games. I swear, those guys are out there to kill someone!